Three Ways to Practice:

Make Practicing Fit Your Lifestyle 

Most optometrists are seeking a supportive environment for their careers and outright practice ownership may not be the best course of action for many. Being employed by a large organization is yet another option but leaves little upside for the doctor as their practice grows and flourishes. Dr. Susan O’Shea, President of EZ Eyecare, Inc., has developed a franchise opportunity which provides the best of both opportunities for optometrists seeking ‘independence with a team’ through franchise opportunities in both corporate retail locations as well as private practices with full service optical departments. 

The franchise method has been used extensively in other business areas to provide support, standards, marketing EZEyecare color trans longand other management services. It also allows for ownership and upside to a practice once it is growing.  Franchises typically benefit from the growth of a practice and therefore costs grow as revenue is there to pay for them.  Dr. Susan O’Shea of EZ Eyecare, Inc. is taking her franchise model for optometry beyond her home base of Boston and is seeking both practice locations and optometrists interested in this model.

Franchising is about support and Dr. O’Shea has partnered with The Growth Cooperative to provide many of the non-clinical services required for a healthy, growing eye care practice. “The Growth Cooperative is a full-service management and marketing organization that allows for our practice locations to receive a very high level of marketing, billing, coding, credentialing, EHR support, and program and service implementation,” reported Dr. O’Shea. “The Growth Cooperative team is flexible and can serve my employed doctors, my franchise doctors and are able to work in both the corporate and independent optical locations.”

All EZ Eyecare, Inc. doctors are now participants of The Growth Cooperative.  EZ Eyecare, Inc. and The Growth Cooperative are now seeking interested optometrists in this unique franchise practice model. “The model allows for tremendous schedule flexibility and because we are supporting a large group, the benefits tend to be richer,” stated Michael Pote, CEO of The Growth Cooperative. “This model is perfectly aligned with the goals of The Growth Cooperative of better patient care and better practitioners. We anticipate opening two additional markets outside of Boston with EZ Eyecare, Inc. in 2018.” 

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