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Every leader is familiar with the frustration of changes attempted but never fully implemented or realized. Typically, leaders wonder why some ideas stick around, and some don’t. The answer is the lack of consistency in management and follow up. Kaizen and the 5S approach give you the template by which to implement real, permanent change. 


No optometry practice is perfect; neither is an Ophthalmology practice, nor a dermatologist’s, nor any business really. Perfection is not what we should be striving for anyway. Aiming for perfection is all  but a guarantee of disappointment. So where should we  aim our efforts?

Kaizen is the Japanese word for improvement; it has become a popular and prevailing business concept alongside Six Sigma and Lean Six as a relentless push to achieve small, incremental improvements on a regular basis. The principles of Kaizen can be used to demonstrate how opportunities within your optical or your clinic can be addressed with a single and consistent approach.

The Kaizen approach is not the only way to improve your practice,  but it is an overall concept that most businesses can agree upon. We  want to improve today so that we can have a more productive, better, and happier tomorrow.

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