A Case Study on Being a Successful Out-of-Network Vision Care Provider


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Evaluate. Decide. Execute.

One doctor tells his story of practice decline over a period of year until he made the courageous decision to leave vision plan participation. Within a year, revenues increased by 21% and he has never had a down year since. Dr. Michel Gambino has built his practice in the last three years without vision plan participation. Read his story.



A practice flourishes after leaving the vision plans. is it right for you?

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What's In the eBook?

Our series on vision plan evaluation continues with our first case study. Leaving a vision plan or several vision plans may not be right for everyone. But it is the right move for many.  Let us help you evaluate, decide and then execute on your out-of-network plan.  It works.
Dr. Gambino evaluates his situation.  He is ready to stop practicing.  It has gotten that bad. His staff is ready to quit.
He makes the decision to fly solo and after an initial dip in revenues, he ends his first year without vision plan participation up 21% in top line revenue.
His last three years have meant growth.  His staff is happier than ever not having to do battle with patients over their benefits. Processes are streamlined.

About Michel Gambino

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Michel Gambino, OD
Dallas, Texas

Known to many of his patients as Dr. Mike, Dr. Gambino has specialized in specialty contact lenses for nearly three decades. Upon leaving the vision plans, he made the move to build that part of his practice on services that do not rely on vision insurance and now has a thriving VST patient base.  He is launching a dedicated effort on myopia control and continues to grow his practice.