Evaluate Your Vision Plan Status

Don't take vision plans as a given in your market.  Start by using our tools and methodologies to do what is best for your practice and your patients.

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There's a revolution starting

You've heard it from your colleagues.  Enough is enough with vision plans. Controlled frame boards. Controlled lab use. Low reimbursement. Added paperwork to get the reimbursement you are owed.

At the Growth Cooperative, we are helping practices evaluate their vision plan participation (it is specific to your practice!). Once a decision is made, we are helping practices change the many activities necessary to succeed as an out-of-network provider or as an in-network provider opting- out*. You have choices and we are here to assist you to make the right decisions for your practice and your patients. 

Two of our evaluation calculators are now available, but don't do it alone.  Give us a call and let's walk through it together:

VSP Signature Calculator

VSP Choice Calculator

* Look for part II of this series: Flourishing: Using the Opt-Out Option for In-Network Vision Plans coming in June. 

What's In the eBook?

Going out-of-network is an option! You need to evaluate your specific plans and your specific practice situation.... but it can be done.  Use our guide to complete the all the activities to make you a more successful provider.

Read the ebook to see how to make your work worth more. It's easier than you think, but you've got to see if it's right for you.
Don't do it alone! This requires discussion and re-evaluation and then help implementing it across your practice. We're here for you.
Watch your schedule bulge and your bottom line increase (more revenue/lower costs for the patients you see).

Take it from the experts...

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Steven M. Wilson, O.D.
Wilson Eye Center, Valdosta, GA

“Charting your vision insurance path is critical to your success.  To make a clear, sound decision, all options - “In Network/Opt In” – “In Network/Opt Out” – “Out of Network”  - need to be properly understood and vetted.  This ebook provides the insight and tools that will help you decide what is best for you and your practice.” 

Flourishing: On Becoming a Successful Out-of-Network Vision Care Provider

Chapter 1 BACKGROUND: How we got here?
Chapter 2 ASSESS: Do your plans stack up?
Chapter 3 DECISION: One plan at a time
Chapter 4 CONTACT: Keep patients informed
Chapter 5 MARKETING: Replace the referral
Chapter 6 PROCESS: Using software
Chapter 7 FLOURISH: Expand the opportunity